e-Document engineering pilot

Using a semantic metadata registry for e-Document engineering


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type Class
label ObjectProperty
subClassOf Property

Referenced by

domain inverseOf
range inverseOf
subClassOf TransitiveProperty
subClassOf SymmetricProperty
subClassOf InverseFunctionalProperty
type based At
type changed by
type classification
type has member
type membership
type post
type primary Site
type registered Site
type has site
type has SubOrganization
type has Unit
type head of
type held by
type holds
type linked to
type location
type member
type member During
type member of
type organization
type original organization
type post in
type remuneration
type reports to
type resulted from
type resulted in
type role
type site Address
type site Of
type subOrganization of
type transitive sub-organization
type unit Of
type affects
type has context
type implements
type in object class
type has property
type representation
type in transaction
type company status
type registered organization
type company activity
type company type
type registration
type is top concept in scheme
type has broader match
type has broader
type has broader transitive
type has close match
type has exact match
type has top concept
type is in scheme
type is in mapping relation with
type has member
type has member list
type has narrower match
type has narrower
type has narrower transitive
type has related
type has related match
type is in semantic relation with
type concretized by
type has URI
type has XML namespace