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The class of classes.

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type Class
label Class
isDefinedBy rdfs:
comment The class of classes.
subClassOf Resource

Referenced by

range type
type Property
type Class
subClassOf Class
range domain
range range
type Ontology
type Class
type OntologyProperty
type AnnotationProperty
domain subClassOf
range subClassOf
type List
type AllDifferent
domain oneOf
type Restriction
range allValuesFrom
range someValuesFrom
type ObjectProperty
type DatatypeProperty
type TransitiveProperty
type SymmetricProperty
type FunctionalProperty
type InverseFunctionalProperty
type DeprecatedClass
subClassOf DeprecatedClass
type DeprecatedProperty
type DataRange
type Policy
type Frequency
type Period of Time
type Jurisdiction
type Rights Statement
type Formal Organization
type Membership
type Organization
type Endeavour
type OrganizationalUnit
type Post
type Role
type Site
type Change Event
type Literal
type Resource
type Registered Organization
type Agent
type Location
range Type
type Geometry
type Size or Duration
type Agent Class
subClassOf Agent Class
type Physical Medium
type License Document
type Container
type ContainerMembershipProperty
type Datatype
subClassOf Datatype
type Alt
type Bag
type Seq
type Statement
type Linguistic System
type Bibliographic Resource
type Media Type or Extent
type Method of Instruction
type Provenance Statement
type Address
type File Format
type Location, Period, or Jurisdiction
type Physical Resource
type Method of Accrual
type Standard
type Media Type