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Date Modified 2012-06-14+02:00
Title DCMI Metadata Terms - other
Publisher http://purl.org/dc/aboutdcmi#DCMI

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isDefinedBy Date Accepted
isDefinedBy DDC
isDefinedBy DCMI Point
isDefinedBy Policy
isDefinedBy Frequency
isDefinedBy Period of Time
isDefinedBy Jurisdiction
isDefinedBy Rights Statement
isDefinedBy LCSH
isDefinedBy License
isDefinedBy Contributor
isDefinedBy Date Created
isDefinedBy Date Modified
isDefinedBy Title
isDefinedBy Agent
isDefinedBy Rights
isDefinedBy Rights Holder
isDefinedBy Creator
isDefinedBy Description
isDefinedBy Location
isDefinedBy Conforms To
isDefinedBy Publisher
isDefinedBy Requires
isDefinedBy Spatial Coverage
isDefinedBy Subject
isDefinedBy Type
isDefinedBy RFC 5646
isDefinedBy ISO 639-3
isDefinedBy Is Version Of
isDefinedBy Is Required By
isDefinedBy Access Rights
isDefinedBy Accrual Method
isDefinedBy Accrual Policy
isDefinedBy Is Referenced By
isDefinedBy Replaces
isDefinedBy Audience
isDefinedBy Language
isDefinedBy Relation
isDefinedBy Size or Duration
isDefinedBy Agent Class
isDefinedBy Physical Medium
isDefinedBy License Document
reliesOn ISA Programme Location Core Vocabulary
isDefinedBy Abstract
isDefinedBy Format
isDefinedBy Has Format
isDefinedBy Mediator
isDefinedBy Bibliographic Citation
isDefinedBy Date Submitted
isDefinedBy Audience Education Level
isDefinedBy Date Valid
isDefinedBy Extent
isDefinedBy Coverage
isDefinedBy Temporal Coverage
isDefinedBy Provenance
isDefinedBy DCMI Box
isDefinedBy Linguistic System
isDefinedBy RFC 1766
isDefinedBy Bibliographic Resource
isDefinedBy IMT
isDefinedBy ISO 639-2
isDefinedBy Media Type or Extent
isDefinedBy Method of Instruction
isDefinedBy Provenance Statement
isDefinedBy URI
isDefinedBy DCMI Period
isDefinedBy ISO 3166
isDefinedBy Date Issued
isDefinedBy File Format
isDefinedBy LCC
isDefinedBy MeSH
isDefinedBy NLM
isDefinedBy TGN
isDefinedBy UDC
isDefinedBy RFC 4646
isDefinedBy RFC 3066
isDefinedBy Is Format Of
isDefinedBy References
isDefinedBy Alternative Title
isDefinedBy W3C-DTF
isDefinedBy DCMI Type Vocabulary
isDefinedBy Date
isDefinedBy Date Copyrighted
isDefinedBy Is Replaced By
isDefinedBy Table Of Contents
isDefinedBy Accrual Periodicity
isDefinedBy Source
isDefinedBy Medium
isDefinedBy Has Part
isDefinedBy Is Part Of
isDefinedBy Date Available
isDefinedBy Has Version
isDefinedBy Identifier
isDefinedBy Location, Period, or Jurisdiction
isDefinedBy Physical Resource
isDefinedBy Method of Accrual
isDefinedBy Standard
isDefinedBy Media Type
isDefinedBy Instructional Method