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Using a semantic metadata registry for e-Document engineering

Data Type

A Data Type is the representation term of a basic property.

Raw data
HTML | RDF/XML | Turtle


type Class
label Data Type
comment A Data Type is the representation term of a basic property.

Referenced by

type Non-negative Integer
type Boolean
type Integer
domain representation term
type Literal
type URI Literal
type Base-64 Binary
type Byte
type Date
type Date Time
type Decimal
type Double
type Duration
type Float
type Hexadecimal Binary
type 32-bits Integer
type 64-bits Integer
type Negative Integer
type Non-positive Integer
type Positive Integer
type 16-bits Integer
type Time
type Unisigned Byte
type Unsigned 32-bits Integer
type Unsigned 64-bits Integer
type Unsigned 16-bits Integer
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Code
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Date
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Identifier
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Text
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Amount
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/BinaryObject
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/DateTime
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Graphic
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Indicator
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Measure
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Name
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Numeric
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Percent
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Picture
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Quantity
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Rate
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Sound
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Time
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Value
type http://mdr.semic.eu/id/ubl/datatype/Video